Facebook Pages: How to Add Multiple Services and Categories

Facebook. Gotta love them but they do like to change things up on us every now and again, don’t they?

We recently started getting a lot of questions about how to add multiple categories/ subcategories and/or services to Facebook pages. The answer may surprise you in how easy it is—or disappoint you because the requirement isn’t one available to you.

So, how do you add multiple categories / subcategories and/or services to your Facebook page? Provide a valid street address (P.O. Box will not do) in the info portion of your Facebook fan page.

A few other things will happen when you do this:

  1. A ‘check-in’ feature will be added to your page. This allows people to … drumroll please … check-in to your place of business!
  2. A map, showing your location, will be added to your info tab
  3. And, of course, you’ll get that new option to define your sub-categories/services.

And a couple notes:

  1. It can take a while for your new features to show up once you’ve added that address, so don’t panic if you put in your address and don’t see anything. Facebook/Google/God has to verify that address before they bestow your new features
  2. As mentioned above, P.O. Boxes do not work. They are not considered to be valid addresses for Google places and that’s what Facebook is integrating with so, sorry, you’re out of luck. However, if you have a box with a company like Postal Annex, that should work because you have an actual street location with them

And that’s it. That is how you get to add multiple categories / sub-categories and/or services to your Facebook Page. Pretty easy, huh?

4 comments on “Facebook Pages: How to Add Multiple Services and Categories

  1. What annoys me most about categories is not being able to use them to search. If I’m searching for a book or a band, it would stand to reason I’d be able to search categories Book or Band. But not. That makes absolutely no sense to me!

    • Hi Patricia,

      Thanks for the comment! We’ve actually had this pop up in the past and were able to use a combo of code and plugins to remedy the situation. Let me see if I can dig up one of our sites and find out what it was.

  2. You have a lot of link spam in your comments. Do these people realize they are actually harming their pagerank by doing this?

    • We had an issue with Akismet and it looks like a lot of spam went through that normally would be blocked. Very annoying!

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