Facebook Brand Pages: How to Create A Simple Facebook Business Page

With all the changes going on over at Facebook, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a quick how-to on setting up and using the new Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages. A Facebook page should not be confused with a Facebook profile. Profiles are for people and pages are for businesses—it’s [ read more ]

kikaDESIGN Facebook Contest

THE RULES TO ENTER Like our Facebook Page TERMS AND CONDITIONS We can only count likes that come in from personal profiles (unfortunately at this time, a ‘page’ liking another ‘page’ doesn’t count in facebook’s total of likes) One entry per person Contest closes March 31st, 2012 11:59PM PST Fully transferrable We will draw one [ read more ]

MailChimp + WordPress? Yes, you can!

Have you ever wanted to send out a newsletter featuring your WordPress posts but thought it would be just one big hassle? That was the same thought that we had when a client requested a newsletter populated solely by WordPress. And to top it off, they wanted it to be easy. Easy? We were just [ read more ]

Facebook Pages: How to Add Multiple Services and Categories

Facebook. Gotta love them but they do like to change things up on us every now and again, don’t they? We recently started getting a lot of questions about how to add multiple categories/ subcategories and/or services to Facebook pages. The answer may surprise you in how easy it is—or disappoint you because the requirement [ read more ]

Finding Your Facebook Page ID & RSS feed

Whether by accident or design, Facebook has made it very easy to find both the RSS feed to your Facebook page and, subsequently, your Facebook page ID. Here are the quick and easy steps (no, really, it’s easy – We promise!) Look on the left sidebar of the Facebook Page. See where it says ‘Get [ read more ]

Facebook Send Button + Individual WordPress Posts

So, you’ve heard about the newest Facebook launch, the Send Button, and now you want to get it for your site. You go to the Facebook Social Plugins Developer site, fill in your info, and wahlah you’ve got the code to implement your very own Facebook Send Button. Everything is hunky-dory, right? Well, kind of. Depending on [ read more ]

Publish Your Facebook Page Feed to Tumblr

So, you’ve set yourself up a Tumblr account. You’ve played with it a bit–you know, tinkered under the hood. And now you’re wondering what you should do with it. You’ve already got an established blog, so you don’t really need another blog to update. And then your light bulb moment hits. Why spend time updating Tumblr when [ read more ]

Mac Tutorial: How to Recover Deleted Bookmarks in Chrome

So, you’re sitting there, admiring how pretty Chrome is. Sleek. Shiny. Fast. And then, you notice that you’ve got this little tool bar right below the address bar and it’s got some of the bookmarks you’ve been saving there. You decide to do a little “clean up” so that you can save that space for more [ read more ]