Website Hosting

We recommend Bluehost hosting for most authors. They offer affordable WordPress hosting with lots of extras—including free domain email, free SSL certificates, and great storage options.

Domain Registration

The most affordable domain pricing we’ve found on the web.


WordPress Theme Repository
A database of WordPress themes, with the ability to preview what your content will look like. Make sure to click through to the theme homepage and then view the demo.


Google Fonts
Free fonts that you can use for both online and offline projects. Customize and preview your text before committing.


Design Seeds
Explore hundreds of color palettes for inspiration.


A great resource of copyright free images.

Printing & Marketing Services


VistaPrint offers quality print services for a low price. Perfect for anyone who needs business cards, postcards, banners, etc. They’ve recently added branding services for products as well.

Email Marketing


MailerLite is the best-priced email marketing available. Set up mailing lists to send newsletters as well as auto-email RSS campaigns. Easy to set up, easy to use, and fairly priced, we recommend this for anyone who anticipates their email list to rise above 1000 followers*.


Mailchimp offers the same services as MailerLite but their pricing plans are almost double. Recommended for anyone who anticipates their email list to stay under 2000 followers*.

*Statements based off pricing plans as of March 2021. Check current pricing plans before deciding which platform to use.